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Refused by SQLExpress

by: Mattias Nordgren

Yesterday I almost killed myself after struggling with an error during an installation of EPiServer CMS on Vista. I got this error message when trying to browse the web site: (provider: TCP Provider, error: 0 - No connection could be made because... [ Read full article ]

04 January 2008  2 Comments

ASP.NET MVC Framework

by: Mattias Nordgren

In my past I used to run a consultant firm where I was the lead programmer and for one of the bigger projects I was involved in I used the FuseBox MVC framework in creating a large scale e-commerce solution. This was my first contact with the MVC... [ Read full article ]

03 January 2008  3 Comments

Mattias Nordgren

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I'm a Product Manager within the Product Management group at EPiServer AB. Previously I worked as a Sales Engineer in the global sales organisation mainly supporting Scandinavian partners and sales staff.




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