Blog entries posted during January 2010

Page Rating example using Page Objects

by: Paul Smith

At the EPiServer Techforum in Oslo last week, I showed a quick and dirty page rating feature for CMS 6 using Page Objects and Dynamic Content. The source code for that can be found here . The project consists of 3 class: The Rating object. This is... [ Read full article ]

24 January 2010  0 Comments

Thanks EPiServer Norway

by: Paul Smith

A big thanks to Göran and the team at EPiServer Norway for a great Techforum. My Twitter id is paulsmith_epi for those who asked. We appreciate all feedback we get both positive and constructive. If you have anything to say about the Dynamic Data... [ Read full article ]

22 January 2010  0 Comments

Using a DynamicDataStore instance correctly

by: Paul Smith

I’ve recently seen a couple of examples of code where the Dynamic Data Store (being released as part of CMS 6) has been used in a multithreaded environment (web app for example) in a singleton pattern, i.e. a single instance of a DynamicDataStore ... [ Read full article ]

15 January 2010  0 Comments

Saving Page Objects

by: Paul Smith

EPiServer CMS 6 introduces Page Objects. A Page Object is simply a .NET object that is created by the developer and then associated to an EPiServer CMS page via the EPiServer.Core.PageData.PageObjects collection. Saving Page Objects is a relativel... [ Read full article ]

05 January 2010  0 Comments

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