Blog entries posted during February 2010

Changes to Page Objects API in CMS 6 Release

by: Paul Smith

The upcoming final release of CMS 6 will introduce a couple of small changes in the way you load and save Page Objects compared to the RC1 version. Following feedback and a few bug fixes we decided that mixing Page Objects with PageData and having... [ Read full article ]

18 February 2010  0 Comments

Installing multiple EPiServer CMS / Community Editions on the same server

by: Paul Smith

The EPiServer CMS / Community installation packages that you download from EPiServer World are made up of a bootstrapper application (setup.exe) and a few Windows Installer (MSI) files. One of these files, EPiServerShared.msi, is configured so tha... [ Read full article ]

03 February 2010  0 Comments

EPiTrace logger