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Which EPiServer CMS sites are installed on this server?

by: Per Bjurström

1) Open up the PowerShell prompt from the Start menu in Windows. On Windows Vista you have to right click and select "Run as administrator". If you have a 64-bit version of Windows make sure you select PowerShell (X86). 2) Activate the snap-in... [ Read full article ]

28 November 2008  4 Comments

Scrum Dashboard v2.3

by: Per Bjurström

This is mainly a service release, I planned to get some more high-ranked features into this version but I have been busy with releases of our commercial software. New requirements: Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 (included in Team Foundation... [ Read full article ]

11 November 2008  7 Comments

Best of PDC 08

by: Per Bjurström

Almost every time at the PDC we talk about watching the best sessions on video when we get home, both for people that missed some sessions or for those of us that weren’t there at all. This time around we collected the top 3 sessions from the whol... [ Read full article ]

06 November 2008  0 Comments



by: Per Bjurström

Greetings from Los Angeles PDC. ASP.NET 4.0 is one of the areas that, for me, contains the least surprises so far. Much of the "major" functionality have already been announced and is actually available at their CodePlex project , such as MCV, Aja... [ Read full article ]

29 October 2008  0 Comments

We're leaving for PDC 2008

by: Per Bjurström

For the last 10 years or so you have been able to spot EPiServer employees at the PDC and this year is no exception. If you find us all in one spot there should be 15 of us, look out for gray t-shirts with a big logo on the back. This picture is... [ Read full article ]

24 October 2008  2 Comments


Sample: Silverlight 2 + Dynamic Content

by: Per Bjurström

This is just a small sample that creates a dynamic content plug-in that renders Silverlight 2 controls. Creating a dynamic content plug-in is so easy and so powerful that I really hope we are going to see a lot of creative stuff in this area.... [ Read full article ]

16 October 2008  5 Comments

Http Caching strategies: Pages

by: Per Bjurström

These strategies applies to EPiServer CMS 5 R2, the setting httpCacheability does not exist in R1. Page caching in CMS is enabled by setting httpCacheExpiration in web.config, but remember that this setting has no effect on logged in users. #1... [ Read full article ]

13 October 2008  3 Comments

Http Caching strategies: VPP Files

by: Per Bjurström

These strategies applies to EPiServer CMS 5 R2, but all settings will work in R1 even though option 3 won’t get you the extra performance boost over option 2. Remember that you can have different settings for different folders if you like. Update:... [ Read full article ]

13 October 2008  0 Comments

R2 express install from the command prompt

by: Per Bjurström

An express install of EPiServer CMS 5 R2 will try to figure out a unique name for the web site, database, folder etc automatically and install a site without any dialogs. This feature requires that you have a local installation of either SQL Serve... [ Read full article ]

30 September 2008  0 Comments

Database performance advances in R2

by: Per Bjurström

EPiServer CMS 5 R2 introduces a bunch of database performance optimizations related to classic page functionality such as load, save, delete, empty wastebasket, loading dynamic properties, simple address etc. Fixes include table changes, stored... [ Read full article ]

24 September 2008  2 Comments

Performance lab at EPiServer

by: Per Bjurström

Since I write about performance testing I should give you some idea on how we do performance tests on the dev department. We run all our load testing using Visual Studio Team System 2008 : Visual Studio Team System Load Agent . Applies the load to... [ Read full article ]

11 September 2008  3 Comments

Template performance: EPiServer CMS 4 vs EPiServer CMS 5

by: Per Bjurström

There have been some posts about performance improvements in EPiServer CMS 5 already, but I thought I post my results as well. These tests were conducted by applying load on the default templates on one of our test servers and then measuring hits... [ Read full article ]

10 September 2008  0 Comments

The Bug List has been updated

by: Per Bjurström

The Bug List previously only displayed known bugs in a version, but the most common task was to find fixed bugs in a version which required you to select the previous version and then click twice on the Fixed In column (not that obvious). So we... [ Read full article ]

03 September 2008  0 Comments

Installing IIS 7 from the command prompt

by: Per Bjurström

When you add the Web Server role in Windows Server 2008 you will end up with a wealth of options. What you could do instead is to run the installation from a command prompt with all the options pre-configured. A very convenient way of installing I... [ Read full article ]

28 August 2008  7 Comments

Finally a Task Board from Conchango

by: Per Bjurström

Just read this story (via Mathias O ): Task Board for Team System is an interactive desktop utility that interfaces with Team Foundation Server projects created from version 2 of the Scrum for Team System process template. It enables you and your... [ Read full article ]

30 July 2008  2 Comments

Automatic index rebuild script

by: Per Bjurström

To speed up access to the data in SQL Server we use something called indexes, most of you probably know all about it. Indexes are B-tree structures that are extremely efficient for looking up data, consider the fact that looking up row based on a... [ Read full article ]

04 July 2008  13 Comments

Integrated authentication in Firefox

by: Per Bjurström

Using Firefox 3 with Scrum Dashboard and Team System Web Access is not a pleasant experience because Integrated Authentication is by default disabled resulting in login dialogs every time you fire up a new browser. You could use the IE Tab plug-in... [ Read full article ]

01 July 2008  0 Comments

Scrum Dashboard v2.2

by: Per Bjurström

I uploaded a new release on CodePlex today with some changes implemented the last month, download it here .   [ Read full article ]

26 June 2008  4 Comments

Content Generator Preview

by: Per Bjurström

Marek Blotny wrote a post some months ago about his Dummy Content Generator which was a great initiative. At the same time I was writing a tool called Content Generator that we are using for our internal testing which did something similar but... [ Read full article ]

25 June 2008  0 Comments

Performance testing Windows Server 2008

by: Per Bjurström

I have been doing some performance testing on Windows Server 2008 , the goal was to see differences in how EPiServer CMS behaves on different operating systems. These tests are performed using EPiServer CMS 5 SP1, the official support for Windows... [ Read full article ]

11 June 2008  6 Comments

Setting cache limits in ASP.NET 2.0

by: Per Bjurström

Since ASP.NET 2.0 you have full control over much memory the ASP.NET cache is allowed to use per application, in this example I've set it to 200MB. By looking at the performance monitor you see that the Microsoft.NET memory usage keeps itself unde... [ Read full article ]

05 June 2008  4 Comments

Waiting for Rosario

by: Per Bjurström

There are so many great features coming in Microsoft Team Foundation Server "Rosario" . Here are some of the most promising ones:   Historical debugger A new window that tracks what happens in the application when you debug, kind of a callstack on... [ Read full article ]

29 May 2008  0 Comments


Performance tweak: Bulk creation of pages in EPiServer CMS 5

by: Per Bjurström

So, you are creating large amount of pages in code (1000+) and need to find ways of tweaking the performance? There is currently in EPiServer CMS 5 (SP2) a performance booster that you can use: Set PageData.UrlSegment yourself. Why ? When EPiServe... [ Read full article ]

22 May 2008  1 Comments

The not so mysterious problem with WebResource.axd

by: Per Bjurström

Please read this post by Fredrik for the background. There is also a thread in the EPiServer forums here . So, this problem got highest priority due to a increasing number of customers experiencing this problem. I've been live debugging EPiServer... [ Read full article ]

14 May 2008  14 Comments

Performance tweak: Optimizing StaticFileHandler in EPiServer CMS 5 (part 2)

by: Per Bjurström

This is a update to my previous post . EPiServer CMS 5 Release 2 will support kernel-mode response caching when you enable expirationTime on a VPP in web.config. Kernel mode response caching is handled by http.sys which is the HTTP protocol stack ... [ Read full article ]

06 May 2008  2 Comments

Performance tweak: Optimizing StaticFileHandler in EPiServer CMS 5

by: Per Bjurström

The StaticFileHandler that serves files from a VPP is by default configured without a expiration date, or really a negative expiration time. That will cause the browser to, for every request, ask the server if there is a new version of the file, a... [ Read full article ]

18 April 2008  2 Comments

Scrum Dashboard v2.0.3.0

by: Per Bjurström

A new release of Scrum Dashboard , the major change is this otherwise minor update is to support working with Bugs as Product Backlog Items. See the related work items for more details. This update also adds a nice visualization of for example how... [ Read full article ]

09 April 2008  0 Comments

Blogging to Labs from a Mac

by: Per Bjurström

Windows Live Writer is such a great tool for Windows so it was really hard to find any match for the Mac. Ecto . Look nice and support a wide range of blog services. But it hangs when downloading older entries form Labs. MarsEdit . Look promising... [ Read full article ]

08 April 2008  0 Comments

LOOP JOIN and other fun query optimizations

by: Per Bjurström

Consider this SQL Server query that is part of EPiServer CMS 5: SELECT tblPageLanguage.fkPageID, tblLanguageBranch.LanguageID as LanguageBranch FROM tblPage JOIN tblPageLanguage ON tblPage.pkID=tblPageLanguage.fkPageID LEFT JOIN tblLanguageBranch ... [ Read full article ]

26 March 2008  0 Comments

Meet the new slender tblPage

by: Per Bjurström

Back in EPiServer 4.60 when we introduced the new multilanguage support we did a lot of changes in the good old database, one of them were making a table for page languages called tblPageLanguage. This table became a subset of the main table tblPa... [ Read full article ]

25 March 2008  2 Comments

Scrum for Team System 2.1

by: Per Bjurström

So, only two weeks after RTM a 2.1 shows up of Scrum for Team System , and not a word on the bugs they fixed - just som generic description . I really would like to see more transparancy from Conchango, and hoping that they dogfood their own... [ Read full article ]

17 March 2008  0 Comments

Scrum for Team System v2 RTM

by: Per Bjurström

I was kind of surprised to find that SFTS RTM:d today, I was expecting a release candidate but I guess their role model in life is the Visul Studio team which never seems to make release candidates. Tested the RTM on my VPC and then on the... [ Read full article ]

28 February 2008  0 Comments

Scrum Dashboard

by: Per Bjurström

Scrum Dashboard is a tool we developed internally to make it easier to work with the scrum artifacts in Team Foundation Server, the process template we are using is called Scrum for Team System and developed by Conchango . Due to interest from oth... [ Read full article ]

21 February 2008  4 Comments

Windows Server 2008 SP1 already?

by: Per Bjurström

I've been installing Windows Server 2008 on our test servers and I noticed that when you click on properties on 'My Computer' it says 'Windows Server 2008 SP1'. Paul found out why there never will be a SP1 for Windows Server 2008, or why there... [ Read full article ]

19 February 2008  0 Comments

Upgrading to TFS 2008 was hard work

by: Per Bjurström

So, finally we upgraded to Team Foundation Server 2008 on the demo day of sprint 8, about 20 minutes into the upgrade I received this error: TfsDb.exe upgrade /server:"XXX" /property:"TFS_SERVICE_ACCOUNT=XXX;TFS_REPORTING_ACCOUNT=XXX;LCID=1033;VST... [ Read full article ]

15 February 2008  2 Comments


Make your blog warm with Messenger

by: Per Bjurström

If you haven't noticed Microsoft has added some Messenger presence tools that you can use on your blog, just follow the instructions here and paste the HTML into your profile description. See a sample on the right side here in my profile.  Simple... [ Read full article ]

07 February 2008  7 Comments

Want to work in the EPiServer development team ?

by: Per Bjurström

I did not realize that we are hiring so many new positions here on the EPiServer development team, so if you would like to join us you will not get a better chance! (The picture is from the kick-off in Åre 2008)     Configuration and Build Manager... [ Read full article ]

06 February 2008  1 Comments


No more Remote Desktop /console in Vista

by: Per Bjurström

I installed Vista SP1 the other week and today I wanted to access a server I am setting up by using the /console switch in Remote Desktop (to access the logged in user). But it didn't work, I just got a error "A unknown parameter was specified in... [ Read full article ]

28 January 2008  0 Comments


What is and what is not EPiServer CMS 5 SP1

by: Per Bjurström

  EPiServer CMS 5 SP1 is: Based on the same code base as the release but with up to 100 bug fixes Compatible with the release but with some minor behavioural changes discussed in the release notes Shipping vehicle for Content Channels to support t... [ Read full article ]

22 January 2008  0 Comments


Scrum for Team System v2

by: Per Bjurström

Scrum for Team System is a free Agile Software Development Methodology add-in for Visual Studio Team System , developed by Conchango , in collaboration with Ken Schwaber and the Microsoft Technology Centre UK . The new version Scrum for Team Syste... [ Read full article ]

08 January 2008  0 Comments

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