Scrum for Team System v2 RTM

by: Per Bjurström

I was kind of surprised to find that SFTS RTM:d today, I was expecting a release candidate but I guess their role model in life is the Visul Studio team which never seems to make release candidates.

Tested the RTM on my VPC and then on the production server, and it worked fine:

1. Uninstalled SFTS v2 Beta 2

2. Installed SFTS v2 RTM, downloaded from here.

3. Started betaupgrade.exe for each project, read more here.

The only changes from Beta 2 seems to be updated reports, no changes in work item types.

If you had Beta 1 installed and tried upgrading it to Beta 2 you are likely to get the error "ReportBackups already exists" when you try to upgrade to RTM, just delete the ReportBackups folder in the specific project from the report server to get pass that one.

The only problem so far is that the report stopped working in our Scrum Dashboard so I guess I'll have to fix that one and release a new version.

28 February 2008


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