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by: Per Bjurström

Greetings from Los Angeles PDC. ASP.NET 4.0 is one of the areas that, for me, contains the least surprises so far. Much of the "major" functionality have already been announced and is actually available at their CodePlex project , such as MCV, Aja... [ Read full article ]

29 October 2008  0 Comments

Setting cache limits in ASP.NET 2.0

by: Per Bjurström

Since ASP.NET 2.0 you have full control over much memory the ASP.NET cache is allowed to use per application, in this example I've set it to 200MB. By looking at the performance monitor you see that the Microsoft.NET memory usage keeps itself unde... [ Read full article ]

05 June 2008  4 Comments

The not so mysterious problem with WebResource.axd

by: Per Bjurström

Please read this post by Fredrik for the background. There is also a thread in the EPiServer forums here . So, this problem got highest priority due to a increasing number of customers experiencing this problem. I've been live debugging EPiServer... [ Read full article ]

14 May 2008  14 Comments

Labs running ASP.NET 3.5

by: Per Bjurström

I installed the .NET Framework 3.5 runtime on the research server today, who better to do some dogfooding than the labs site. I got clearance from Ruwen with the short message "Bara server fungerar efter" (which translates to "As long as the serve... [ Read full article ]

22 November 2007  0 Comments

Encrypt your connection strings for multiple machines

by: Per Bjurström

Scenario You have one or more connection strings in a web application that you are running on multiple development and/or production machines. The connection strings are identical in all environments so it would be convenient to have the encrypted... [ Read full article ]

14 November 2007  0 Comments

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