Move over UpdatePanel, here comes unobtrusive JQuery that renders stateless Asp.Net user controls

Web controls, the good the bad and the ugly Web controls are one of the main features in Asp.Net and my absolute favorite is the simple but elegant Repeater. However, whereas some of the web controls may help you get up to speed quickly they also... [ Read full article ]

27 July 2009  3 Comments

Display youtube videos in episerver using dynamic content

I just can’t keep away from developing dynamic content modules these days. Since I can’t stay away from youtube either I come up with the idea to use youtube as a video provider in episerver (I bet no one had thought of that before). My plan was t... [ Read full article ]

27 March 2009  2 Comments

Tweets and dynamic content decided to become friends

I just made a really simple dynamic content module that I thought I share with you. If you’re one of the three persons who have actually read my article EPiServer Loves UK Top 40 you know that it includes a Twitter search for the latest tweets... [ Read full article ]

18 March 2009  7 Comments

One small step for WCAG; one giant leap for developers?

As you probably all know the new Accessibility Guidelines, or WCAG 2.0 , was released late last year. I haven’t had the time to look at it until recently when we started breaking it into bits and pieces here at EPiServer. In this post I would like... [ Read full article ]

27 February 2009  3 Comments

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