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CPU Load Gadget for EPiServer CMS July CTP

by: Roger Wirz

The new EPiServer CMS Shell framework allows you to create any kind of fancy Gadgets that will be shown in the Site Center part of EPiServer CMS (the July CTP release). After playing around with this for a couple of hours (great fun!!), I found so... [ Read full article ]

08 July 2009  1 Comments

PDC impact on Product Development

by: Roger Wirz

The Microsoft PCD 2008 is taking place this week. After USA and Canada, Sweden have most attendances in the world on this huge Microsoft event. And EPiServer are really focusing on this. By send 15 people we are the one company sending most... [ Read full article ]

30 October 2008  5 Comments


Estimate time when migrating to EPiServer CMS 5

by: Roger Wirz

When you try to migrate a site from EPiServer CMS 4 to 5 you will have some challenges ahead of you. Besides the obvious steps - to upgrade to 4.62, to setup a new CMS 5 and to move data - you will need to rewrite parts of the code in the project.... [ Read full article ]

13 December 2007  1 Comments

45 hps or 200 hps with Http Cache - on a laptop

by: Roger Wirz

I was preparing myself for a customer meeting, focusing on performance in EPiServer CMS 5. I got some interesting figures out of the test that could be of interest. Without the HTML Cache, the site was able to deliver 40-50 hps (hits per second),... [ Read full article ]

20 November 2007  0 Comments

Two exiting days in Oslo

by: Roger Wirz

I have spent two existing days in Oslo, Norway. On the first day I attended the much appreciated Techforum at Chateau Neuf .  EPiServer CMS 5 was described from several angels; new features, migration from version 4 and performance issues. On the... [ Read full article ]

15 November 2007  0 Comments

Real market value in Scrum

by: Roger Wirz

Since this summer we have been starting to work according to Scrum. In our Scrum implementation we need to set a time estimate and a market value on all items in the Product Backlog (an item is normally a new feature).   The time estimation is a f... [ Read full article ]

08 November 2007  0 Comments


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