Blog entries posted during 2008


by: Ruwen Jin

    TranslateX is a new module for EPiServer. What does TranslateX do? No TranslateX is not a module that translate your pages automatically with Google Translate. TranslateX is a module that help editor to create translation tasks and transfer th... [ Read full article ]

19 December 2008  38 Comments

A simple on page css editor for EPiServer.

by: Ruwen Jin

This is a port from our old project csseditor. It is updated so that works on EPiServer CMS 5. This module will recognize styles that defined on server and it will figure out those elements that use defined styles and enable user to change it. We... [ Read full article ]

16 September 2008  8 Comments

Chrome & EPiServer

by: Ruwen Jin

Chrome is Googles new browser and it is based on WebKit , so it is in same family as Safari and the browser that will appear on Android . Most things works well on those browser except the editor. However it is easy to change the editor from... [ Read full article ]

16 September 2008  3 Comments

Show Google analytics in your EPiServer

by: Ruwen Jin

  This is a plug-in that let your editor to see the statistic from Google for each page. To use this module you need a google analytics account installed google analytics code on your site. download module    or source code and use EPiServer Manag... [ Read full article ]

27 August 2008  17 Comments

Simple way to make your plug-in settings editable

by: Ruwen Jin

There is a plug-in manager in admin mode in EPiServer. You can view all plug-ins that you have installed in your site and enable or disable plug-ins. Besides that you can even have your plug-in setting edited there. It is really easy to implement ... [ Read full article ]

27 August 2008  1 Comments

Google plug-in

by: Ruwen Jin

Google has improved its translation feature. I learned from Dan Matthew's   blog that they have AJAX APi. After a few hours  we got a plug-in. "simple google translation". in the edit mode you can let Google to translate your text. Here is a demo... [ Read full article ]

09 June 2008  2 Comments

EPiServer File links on Vista

by: Ruwen Jin

EPiServer has already a static file handler by default. That is before IIS 7. IIS7 includes a static file handler as well. Right now you need disable IIS 7 static file handler to make EPiServer  file links to work. Here is how:   open your IIS... [ Read full article ]

21 January 2008  4 Comments

Run EPiServer Manager under Vista

by: Ruwen Jin

Manager has a lot of nice features such as install modules and upgrade site. Last time I wrote about install EPiServer manually. But I didn't give it up. Here is how you make manager works on Vista. First of all you need enable windows feature "II... [ Read full article ]

21 January 2008  7 Comments

EPiTrace for EPiServer CMS 5

by: Ruwen Jin

Here is the EPiTrace package for EPiServer CMS 5. Download this file (Updated with alt attribute in img tag) and install it by using EPiServer Manager. Then you need run this SQL script against your EPiServer database.   [ Read full article ]

16 January 2008  8 Comments

Too many authentication events

by: Ruwen Jin

Today I got a case where a user reports that their authentication provider has been called a lot. Actually all the time. Since their authentication provider will connect to a transaction server that costs money for each transaction that is not... [ Read full article ]

16 January 2008  1 Comments

Determine if it is a new page on page publish event

by: Ruwen Jin

When you listen to page publish event sometimes you want to need know if it is a new page or it is a update of old page. One way to do it is listen to CreatedPage event. If one page goes through both CreatedPage and PublishedPage events it is a ne... [ Read full article ]

09 January 2008  1 Comments

Install EPiServer CMS 5 on Vista

by: Ruwen Jin

Prerequisite: Vista IIS and IIS Manager SQL 2005 or SQL Express 2005   Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express A valid EPiServer License. ( You don't need download the Manager since it does not work on Vista . ) Files   Download EPiServer C... [ Read full article ]

07 January 2008  11 Comments

EPiTrace logger