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Determine if it is a new page on page publish event

by: Ruwen Jin

When you listen to page publish event sometimes you want to need know if it is a new page or it is a update of old page. One way to do it is listen to CreatedPage event. If one page goes through both CreatedPage and PublishedPage events it is a ne... [ Read full article ]

09 January 2008  1 Comments

Override EPiServer url rewrite behavior

by: Ruwen Jin

It is common in database driven web application to use id as parameter in querystring. By default EPiServer will assume that id parameter in querystring is only using by EPiServer and will remove it from Request.QueryString. And the recommend way ... [ Read full article ]

12 December 2007  11 Comments

Using LINQ to read opml

by: Ruwen Jin

I need read opml and translate it to my objects. Instead of work with Xml Document I use System.Xml.Linq :   using System.Xml; using System.Xml.Linq; ... ...   XmlReader reader = new XmlTextReader(opmlUrl); XElement opml = XElement .Load (reader);... [ Read full article ]

05 December 2007  0 Comments

EPiTrace logger