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Making EPiServer Translations Easy

by: RockViggo

Manage Languages (created by the same guy that created the Picasa2EPiServer module and who is still to shy to have his own blog) is available on EPiCode . The module will not substitute the language files for something else, but it will make it a... [ Read full article ]

05 June 2008  2 Comments

New and updated modules on EPiCode

by: RockViggo

The EPiCode project is stronger than ever and 3 new modules have found its way to "Community source code heaven". The latest addition is a module from Henrik Nyström called PageTreeIcons . I have written a blog post on EPiCode about the feature li... [ Read full article ]

02 May 2008  0 Comments

Manage your Newsletters in EPiServer

by: RockViggo

The Newsletter module lets you create pages in EPiServer and send pages as emails to many recipients. In contrast to the built-in subscription feature this module is push based, as you define the content, and control the sending. The feature list... [ Read full article ]

10 April 2008  3 Comments

Page Mockup - easy creation of page structure

by: RockViggo

One of the things I like the most in my work is to hold customer presentations. In order to make EPiServer look gooood I rely on some small tools and Plug-ins that give me the upper hand and sets the customer in the right mood. Many of these tools... [ Read full article ]

20 February 2008  0 Comments

EPiServer + Picasa = TRUE

by: RockViggo

Norsk Rikstoto donated the Picture Gallery template to EPiCode some time ago. This very cool template creates thumbnail size, preview size and the possibility to download the full resolution picture. It even handles search in metadata of pictures... [ Read full article ]

14 February 2008  2 Comments

EPiServer on steroids

by: RockViggo

A template driven CMS with properties for editors to fill in makes wonders for the usability but sets boundaries for the creative mind. The result is often that you got to have templates with multiple properties in order to compensate for the... [ Read full article ]

12 February 2008  12 Comments

Google Maps in EPiServer CMS 5

by: RockViggo

The Google Maps integration with EPiServer has been available from the old research site , for some time now. The module lets editors create POI's as pages in EPiServer with rich text formatting. It has never been easier to create professional... [ Read full article ]

19 January 2008  0 Comments

The king of properties - Multipage property

by: RockViggo

On EPiCode you will find a peace of code that I think you would like to use in every project based on EPiServer - the Multipage property . It allows editors to create a list of links consisting of internal and external links as well as pictures an... [ Read full article ]

14 January 2008  1 Comments

Ever heard about EPiCode?

by: RockViggo

Hi, all. This is my first post on the Labs blog and I intend to be an active member (ever heard that before?). I wish to dedicate this post to the Community Source found on . EPiCode is a Community Source... [ Read full article ]

10 January 2008  2 Comments


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