What you should not need to know about EPiServer, IIS and Client Certificates

If you configure your EPiServer site to use SSL/HTTPS with client certificates, you may at seemingly random intervals get problems with blank pages – empty white frames, in the edit and admin mode, mostly. This can happen basically at any time,... [ Read full article ]

05 February 2009  5 Comments

Logging woes with log4net and enterprise sites

A fundamental issue that has many effects, is that EPiServer in enterprise mode runs several web sites, potentially in different App Pools, with a single common application root directory – and therefore also a single common configuration file. Th... [ Read full article ]

21 January 2009  1 Comments

IsolatedStorage Access Denied

So you tested everything on your new and shiny web (maybe it’s not even an EPiServer web) you deployed and went home. All is well and good, even EPiServer export works, until one day you get hit by the mysterious Access Denied in IsolatedStorage... [ Read full article ]

31 October 2008  31 Comments

When a 404 Not Found should be a 404 Not Found

The ASP.NET standard behavior with custom error pages is dubious, at best. When a page is not found, it does not say so. It says that the page has been moved (302), and then it typically says either that the page now indeed was found (200) at the... [ Read full article ]

02 October 2008  9 Comments

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