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Blog with IPhone

by: Ruwen Jin

  Since EPiServer support the MetaWeblog APi, we can use any blog tools that support MetaWeblog APi to manage our blog. We use Windows Live Writer on windows and now there is an IPhone application “iBlogger” that can do the same thing. Just like... [ Read full article ]

16 February 2009  0 Comments

Blogging to Labs from a Mac

by: Per Bjurström

Windows Live Writer is such a great tool for Windows so it was really hard to find any match for the Mac. Ecto . Look nice and support a wide range of blog services. But it hangs when downloading older entries form Labs. MarsEdit . Look promising... [ Read full article ]

08 April 2008  0 Comments

Episerver’s brand new blogger

by: Adam Najmanowicz (Cognifide)

I’m really glad to notice that Marek is getting into blogging about EPiServer. Marek is a really bright developer and a colleague at Cognifide with a number of successful EPiServer projects in his portfolio, we’ve worked together on Faceted... [ Read full article ]

04 March 2008  0 Comments



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