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FindPagesWithCriteria and Performance

by: Steve Celius

Lately I have heard from several developers that FindPagesWithCriteria is evil, and should be avoided at all costs. I’ve heard it from different people, in different unrelated cases, and some comments are needed. Yes, FindPagesWithCriteria can slo... [ Read full article ]

23 August 2009  15 Comments

Configuring cache expiration on IIS 7

by: Per Bjurström

As you may be aware of we used something called wildcard mappings on IIS 6 to be able to trap all requests inside EPiServer CMS, that also meant that we took care of delivery of static files even outside the VPP-folders. So, for example the... [ Read full article ]

13 March 2009  0 Comments

Page Provider - Structure your site

by: Johan Björnfot

There might be occasions where you like to have a view of your site structure that is different from the "real" structure. Perhaps you like to view only pages in a specific language, pages that you have written, pages with some specific category,... [ Read full article ]

05 December 2008  4 Comments

Caching in .NET 4.0

by: Johan Björnfot

In .NET 4.0 framework there will be a new Assembly called System.Caching that contains the APIs to work with caching (for backward compability reasons the "old" ASP.NET cache implementation in System.Web assembly will remain). The main change for... [ Read full article ]

30 October 2008  5 Comments

Cache information in R2

by: Mari Jørgensen

  I just noticed a new and quite neat feature in R2: In admin mode (admin/default.aspx) you now get separate cache information for each Page Provider. Here is a screenshot of my local site where I have the UKTop40 PageProvider installed. If you lo... [ Read full article ]

15 October 2008  0 Comments

Http Caching strategies: Pages

by: Per Bjurström

These strategies applies to EPiServer CMS 5 R2, the setting httpCacheability does not exist in R1. Page caching in CMS is enabled by setting httpCacheExpiration in web.config, but remember that this setting has no effect on logged in users. #1... [ Read full article ]

13 October 2008  3 Comments

Http Caching strategies: VPP Files

by: Per Bjurström

These strategies applies to EPiServer CMS 5 R2, but all settings will work in R1 even though option 3 won’t get you the extra performance boost over option 2. Remember that you can have different settings for different folders if you like. Update:... [ Read full article ]

13 October 2008  0 Comments

Client Caching in R2 and Localhost

by: Steve Celius

I was investigating some other issue in R2 and was looking at the output in Fiddler . Much to my surprise, all the requests had caching set to private, and even though resources are cached (they will return a 304 not modified header) it still... [ Read full article ]

11 October 2008  4 Comments

EPiServer and cache, not always a love story

by: Fredrik Karlsson

When you are working with some more backend stuff of EPiServer, you are never really sure if you load it from the database or from the cache. Here are a few examples. PageDefinitions When you want to load a PageDefinition, the normal way would be:... [ Read full article ]

06 October 2008  4 Comments

The EPiCode Cache Framework

by: Steve Celius

On the EPiServer Developer Summit I demonstrated a way to speed up your lists by caching the content after the first initial loading, using a small framework that helps you extract the code that loads the content. It handles the caching completely... [ Read full article ]

15 June 2008  2 Comments



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