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Who is bad

by: Ruwen Jin

One way to get notifications from EPiServer is listen to EPiServer.DataFactory events. This is great. However this must be done carefully otherwise it will cause memory leaks and other strange behavior on site. When this happens normally we take... [ Read full article ]

09 November 2009  3 Comments


Properties in Dynamic Content dont know the actually CurrentPage.

by: Anders Hattestad

In a project I’m working on we are using Dynamic Content to display media parts like images, video’s, flash.  Inside this Dynamic Content we are using a PropertyUrl to hold the selected media source. The problem is that when you get the popup with... [ Read full article ]

18 August 2009  2 Comments

Logging in Extension/X3

by: Fredrik Karlsson

Just like in EPiServer, Extension logs most things that happens. And since Extension handles errors ina different way than EPiServer, logging in Extension can be a crusual part in your work developing for Extension. Just like EPiServer, Extension... [ Read full article ]

09 September 2008  0 Comments

Speed up Visual Studio

by: Steve Celius

Some tips and tricks I've picked up along the road. They might not give you a huge performance improvement, but the golden rule to disable or remove things you do not need, is always for the better. Do your own experiments and see if it helps. The... [ Read full article ]

24 June 2008  12 Comments

The not so mysterious problem with WebResource.axd

by: Per Bjurström

Please read this post by Fredrik for the background. There is also a thread in the EPiServer forums here . So, this problem got highest priority due to a increasing number of customers experiencing this problem. I've been live debugging EPiServer... [ Read full article ]

14 May 2008  14 Comments

WinDBG+SOS: Getting at the values in a DataTable - followup

by: Johan Olofsson

In my previous post I showed how I retrieved the values in a DataTable using a bunch of WinDBG commands. As this is quite tedious, I hacked up a little WinDBG-script which automates this a little bit: 1: . foreach ( value { ! do poi(poi(poi(poi(po... [ Read full article ]

19 March 2008  0 Comments

WinDBG+SOS: Getting at the values in a DataTable

by: Johan Olofsson

I have been doing some memorydump debugging using WinDBG and SOS lately, and at one time I needed to dump all values for a column in a DataTable. I started by executing !do on the address of the DataTable (in my case 0x0a8cdaa8), and this gave me... [ Read full article ]

19 March 2008  1 Comments



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