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Advanced Language Manipulation Tool for EPiServer

by: Adam Najmanowicz (Cognifide)

Have you ever (or have your customers) created and edited a page in one language only to realize that their selected locale was wrong? Have you ever wished you could delete a master language branch of a page  after creating its localized counterpa... [ Read full article ]

06 April 2009  0 Comments

CogniScale - virtual hosting made easy

by: Adam Najmanowicz (Cognifide)

We’ve not been talking much about it and that’s partially my fault as well (busy with other projects), but Cognifide has a really cool initiative called Cognifide Labs that we intend to grow over time. The plan is to devote up to 10% company time... [ Read full article ]

02 June 2008  0 Comments

LOOP JOIN and other fun query optimizations

by: Per Bjurström

Consider this SQL Server query that is part of EPiServer CMS 5: SELECT tblPageLanguage.fkPageID, tblLanguageBranch.LanguageID as LanguageBranch FROM tblPage JOIN tblPageLanguage ON tblPage.pkID=tblPageLanguage.fkPageID LEFT JOIN tblLanguageBranch ... [ Read full article ]

26 March 2008  0 Comments

Use EPiServer Manager when upgrading to CMS 5 SP1

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

...or read this once you've ignored that piece of advice Eager to update to EPiServer CMS SP1 I got a bit careless. I finished my development locally, published and tested it on our staging server and then finally published it to the live server. ... [ Read full article ]

06 February 2008  3 Comments

The challenges of a high traffic site with EPiServer

by: Adam Najmanowicz (Cognifide)

…with an unconventional approach to data fetching. This article is a first of a series describing the faceted navigation system for EPiServer that we have internally developed in Cognifide and that’s already proven to be a robust solution for... [ Read full article ]

23 January 2008  0 Comments



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