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Pattern for initialization of PageData objects

by: Johan Björnfot

When implementing a custom page provider, the recommended way to initialize a PageData object (that is to populate the instance with properties) is to call the method InitializePageData on PageProviderBase. This call is rather costly and includes ... [ Read full article ]

01 September 2009  3 Comments

FindPagesWithCriteria and Performance

by: Steve Celius

Lately I have heard from several developers that FindPagesWithCriteria is evil, and should be avoided at all costs. I’ve heard it from different people, in different unrelated cases, and some comments are needed. Yes, FindPagesWithCriteria can slo... [ Read full article ]

23 August 2009  15 Comments

Edit Panel plug-in performance

by: Steve Celius

I’ve been doing some performance tuning on a large site recently, and one of the problems we had was that clicking pages in edit mode was quite slow. Especially when compared to just clicking around on the site in view mode. When you click a page ... [ Read full article ]

20 August 2009  2 Comments

Configuring cache expiration on IIS 7

by: Per Bjurström

As you may be aware of we used something called wildcard mappings on IIS 6 to be able to trap all requests inside EPiServer CMS, that also meant that we took care of delivery of static files even outside the VPP-folders. So, for example the... [ Read full article ]

13 March 2009  0 Comments

Mitigating high memory pressure in CMS (SP1)

by: Per Bjurström

There are two features in EPiServer CMS going back all the way to EPiServer CMS 4 that were specifically designed to mitigate high memory pressure. Feature #1 EPiServer CMS loads pages into the cache including all properties, that means if you hav... [ Read full article ]

30 January 2009  6 Comments

Performance tools: Visual Roundtrip Analyzer and Firebug

by: Per Bjurström

The “Net” tab in Firebug is a developers best friend when analyzing performance on sites, it’s so easy to use I haven’t gone back to Fiddler even once. Everyone should use a similar tool to get a good understanding on what is happening when users... [ Read full article ]

23 January 2009  0 Comments

Content Generator on EPiCode

by: Per Bjurström

Just as I promised “sometimes after the summer vacation” here is the Content Generator available with source code on EPiCode ;-) Content Generator is used for generating dummy data in EPiServer CMS 5 for testing purposes, for example large... [ Read full article ]

08 January 2009  0 Comments

Http Caching strategies: Pages

by: Per Bjurström

These strategies applies to EPiServer CMS 5 R2, the setting httpCacheability does not exist in R1. Page caching in CMS is enabled by setting httpCacheExpiration in web.config, but remember that this setting has no effect on logged in users. #1... [ Read full article ]

13 October 2008  3 Comments

Http Caching strategies: VPP Files

by: Per Bjurström

These strategies applies to EPiServer CMS 5 R2, but all settings will work in R1 even though option 3 won’t get you the extra performance boost over option 2. Remember that you can have different settings for different folders if you like. Update:... [ Read full article ]

13 October 2008  0 Comments

Client Caching in R2 and Localhost

by: Steve Celius

I was investigating some other issue in R2 and was looking at the output in Fiddler . Much to my surprise, all the requests had caching set to private, and even though resources are cached (they will return a 304 not modified header) it still... [ Read full article ]

11 October 2008  4 Comments

Database performance advances in R2

by: Per Bjurström

EPiServer CMS 5 R2 introduces a bunch of database performance optimizations related to classic page functionality such as load, save, delete, empty wastebasket, loading dynamic properties, simple address etc. Fixes include table changes, stored... [ Read full article ]

24 September 2008  2 Comments

Performance lab at EPiServer

by: Per Bjurström

Since I write about performance testing I should give you some idea on how we do performance tests on the dev department. We run all our load testing using Visual Studio Team System 2008 : Visual Studio Team System Load Agent . Applies the load to... [ Read full article ]

11 September 2008  3 Comments

Implement your own httpCacheVaryByCustom method

by: Fredrik Karlsson

Enabling httpCache in EPiServer is very crucial to get maximum performance from your system. But sometimes you might want to get the cache to differ on something else then just query strings. A typical example is to give the user the possibility t... [ Read full article ]

10 September 2008  0 Comments

Template performance: EPiServer CMS 4 vs EPiServer CMS 5

by: Per Bjurström

There have been some posts about performance improvements in EPiServer CMS 5 already, but I thought I post my results as well. These tests were conducted by applying load on the default templates on one of our test servers and then measuring hits... [ Read full article ]

10 September 2008  0 Comments

A few quick performance fixes without changing the code

by: Fredrik Karlsson

There's a lot of performance tips out there. Most of them take some time to implement, and some can take days. And then there are these small ones you can do without much trouble at all. Here are a few tips you can specify in your web.config. Very... [ Read full article ]

03 September 2008  5 Comments

Automatic index rebuild script

by: Per Bjurström

To speed up access to the data in SQL Server we use something called indexes, most of you probably know all about it. Indexes are B-tree structures that are extremely efficient for looking up data, consider the fact that looking up row based on a... [ Read full article ]

04 July 2008  13 Comments

Content Generator Preview

by: Per Bjurström

Marek Blotny wrote a post some months ago about his Dummy Content Generator which was a great initiative. At the same time I was writing a tool called Content Generator that we are using for our internal testing which did something similar but... [ Read full article ]

25 June 2008  0 Comments

Speed up Visual Studio

by: Steve Celius

Some tips and tricks I've picked up along the road. They might not give you a huge performance improvement, but the golden rule to disable or remove things you do not need, is always for the better. Do your own experiments and see if it helps. The... [ Read full article ]

24 June 2008  12 Comments

The EPiCode Cache Framework

by: Steve Celius

On the EPiServer Developer Summit I demonstrated a way to speed up your lists by caching the content after the first initial loading, using a small framework that helps you extract the code that loads the content. It handles the caching completely... [ Read full article ]

15 June 2008  2 Comments

Performance testing Windows Server 2008

by: Per Bjurström

I have been doing some performance testing on Windows Server 2008 , the goal was to see differences in how EPiServer CMS behaves on different operating systems. These tests are performed using EPiServer CMS 5 SP1, the official support for Windows... [ Read full article ]

11 June 2008  6 Comments

Setting cache limits in ASP.NET 2.0

by: Per Bjurström

Since ASP.NET 2.0 you have full control over much memory the ASP.NET cache is allowed to use per application, in this example I've set it to 200MB. By looking at the performance monitor you see that the Microsoft.NET memory usage keeps itself unde... [ Read full article ]

05 June 2008  4 Comments

Developer Summit Presentation

by: Steve Celius

For all of you that attended my presentation at the EPiServer Developer Summit on Friday, thank you so much for attending! We filled the biggest room! Hope you liked what you saw, and learned something new. If you have any questions regarding the... [ Read full article ]

03 June 2008  6 Comments

Performance tweak: Bulk creation of pages in EPiServer CMS 5

by: Per Bjurström

So, you are creating large amount of pages in code (1000+) and need to find ways of tweaking the performance? There is currently in EPiServer CMS 5 (SP2) a performance booster that you can use: Set PageData.UrlSegment yourself. Why ? When EPiServe... [ Read full article ]

22 May 2008  1 Comments

Performance tweak: Optimizing StaticFileHandler in EPiServer CMS 5 (part 2)

by: Per Bjurström

This is a update to my previous post . EPiServer CMS 5 Release 2 will support kernel-mode response caching when you enable expirationTime on a VPP in web.config. Kernel mode response caching is handled by http.sys which is the HTTP protocol stack ... [ Read full article ]

06 May 2008  2 Comments

Performance tweak: Optimizing StaticFileHandler in EPiServer CMS 5

by: Per Bjurström

The StaticFileHandler that serves files from a VPP is by default configured without a expiration date, or really a negative expiration time. That will cause the browser to, for every request, ask the server if there is a new version of the file, a... [ Read full article ]

18 April 2008  2 Comments

LOOP JOIN and other fun query optimizations

by: Per Bjurström

Consider this SQL Server query that is part of EPiServer CMS 5: SELECT tblPageLanguage.fkPageID, tblLanguageBranch.LanguageID as LanguageBranch FROM tblPage JOIN tblPageLanguage ON tblPage.pkID=tblPageLanguage.fkPageID LEFT JOIN tblLanguageBranch ... [ Read full article ]

26 March 2008  0 Comments

Meet the new slender tblPage

by: Per Bjurström

Back in EPiServer 4.60 when we introduced the new multilanguage support we did a lot of changes in the good old database, one of them were making a table for page languages called tblPageLanguage. This table became a subset of the main table tblPa... [ Read full article ]

25 March 2008  2 Comments

ProfileProvider performance issues - followup!

by: Johan Olofsson

Doing some more digging into this, I found that this situation only happens when using EPiServer CMS5s WindowsMembershipProvider, and peeking inside it's implementation of GetUser() turns out that it calls into the Profile Provider to get at the... [ Read full article ]

11 December 2007  2 Comments

ProfileProvider performance issues??

by: Johan Olofsson

When developing a custom Asp.Net profile provider for the CRMConnector project, I came to notice that the provider's implementation of GetPropertyValues() might be called upto as many as four times for one single web request(!) For example, when... [ Read full article ]

10 December 2007  0 Comments

EPiServer and performance

by: Peter Hultgren (Sogeti)

I’m currently working on a large (1000+ subsites) EPiServer project and we had some really nasty issues with performance due to a design flaw. Let me just put it like this: If you’re ever thinking about using many dynamic properties on a large sit... [ Read full article ]

30 November 2007  1 Comments

45 hps or 200 hps with Http Cache - on a laptop

by: Roger Wirz

I was preparing myself for a customer meeting, focusing on performance in EPiServer CMS 5. I got some interesting figures out of the test that could be of interest. Without the HTML Cache, the site was able to deliver 40-50 hps (hits per second),... [ Read full article ]

20 November 2007  0 Comments



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