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Moving beyond the Scrum

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

I used to be a firm supporter of Scrum process. I was deeply convinced that Scrum's approach makes total sense and is the right one. My impressionable attitude has changed with time. Now I see that "pure" Scrum is a quite rigid process which not... [ Read full article ]

07 September 2009  0 Comments

Team drop down is empty and JavaScript error in Scrum Dashboard after SfTS v2.2

by: Per Bjurström

After upgrading the scrum template to v2.2 you can get JavaScript errors when creating new tasks/impediments/bugs in Scrum Dashboard . This only happens if you use teams. You will also notice that when creating a new “Sprint Backlog Item” in TFS W... [ Read full article ]

16 January 2009  0 Comments

Scrum - why extending sprint (iteration) length is usually not a good idea

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

I have to admit -- I'm a big fan of short iterations and I have plenty of reasons for it! But what does short mean? In most cases 2 week iteration is a good start. You should consider shorter iterations only if rule of having at least four, five... [ Read full article ]

23 August 2008  0 Comments


Power of the Retrospective

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

After over a year developing a number of EPiServer projects we finally managed to get everyone in one room and do the retrospective. It was great to realize that actually EPiServer team is not so small anymore and that the people did lots of cool... [ Read full article ]

05 August 2008  0 Comments

Finally a Task Board from Conchango

by: Per Bjurström

Just read this story (via Mathias O ): Task Board for Team System is an interactive desktop utility that interfaces with Team Foundation Server projects created from version 2 of the Scrum for Team System process template. It enables you and your... [ Read full article ]

30 July 2008  2 Comments

Scrum Dashboard v2.0.3.0

by: Per Bjurström

A new release of Scrum Dashboard , the major change is this otherwise minor update is to support working with Bugs as Product Backlog Items. See the related work items for more details. This update also adds a nice visualization of for example how... [ Read full article ]

09 April 2008  0 Comments

Scrum for Team System 2.1

by: Per Bjurström

So, only two weeks after RTM a 2.1 shows up of Scrum for Team System , and not a word on the bugs they fixed - just som generic description . I really would like to see more transparancy from Conchango, and hoping that they dogfood their own... [ Read full article ]

17 March 2008  0 Comments

Scrum for Team System v2 RTM

by: Per Bjurström

I was kind of surprised to find that SFTS RTM:d today, I was expecting a release candidate but I guess their role model in life is the Visul Studio team which never seems to make release candidates. Tested the RTM on my VPC and then on the... [ Read full article ]

28 February 2008  0 Comments

Scrum Dashboard

by: Per Bjurström

Scrum Dashboard is a tool we developed internally to make it easier to work with the scrum artifacts in Team Foundation Server, the process template we are using is called Scrum for Team System and developed by Conchango . Due to interest from oth... [ Read full article ]

21 February 2008  4 Comments

Scrum for Team System v2

by: Per Bjurström

Scrum for Team System is a free Agile Software Development Methodology add-in for Visual Studio Team System , developed by Conchango , in collaboration with Ken Schwaber and the Microsoft Technology Centre UK . The new version Scrum for Team Syste... [ Read full article ]

08 January 2008  0 Comments

Real market value in Scrum

by: Roger Wirz

Since this summer we have been starting to work according to Scrum. In our Scrum implementation we need to set a time estimate and a market value on all items in the Product Backlog (an item is normally a new feature).   The time estimation is a f... [ Read full article ]

08 November 2007  0 Comments




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