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Search pages in EPiServer using FindPagesByCriteria

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

How to find pages in EPiServer by searching using the FindPagesWithCriteria method. The code sample describes how to search in EPiServer using criterias based on page properties. [ Read full article ]

20 May 2010  0 Comments

Searching for files in EPiServer CMS 5

by: Mari Jørgensen

Having trouble finding your uploaded files when searching from the File Manager inside EPiServer? Well, here is a quick guide on how you should set it up. Type of files To support search of Office 2007 or pdf files, you need to install the Microso... [ Read full article ]

22 November 2009  12 Comments

CMS 6: PageType Search Provider

by: Allan Thræn

Inspired by Magnus’ excellent blog post earlier today I just had to throw together a little search provider of my own. And yes, it really was as simple as he made it seem. In my little example here I wanted to make the PageTypes search-able, so I... [ Read full article ]

20 October 2009  0 Comments

FindPagesWithCriteria and Performance

by: Steve Celius

Lately I have heard from several developers that FindPagesWithCriteria is evil, and should be avoided at all costs. I’ve heard it from different people, in different unrelated cases, and some comments are needed. Yes, FindPagesWithCriteria can slo... [ Read full article ]

23 August 2009  15 Comments

Referrer-Search Dynamic Content

by: Allan Thræn

As many of you may know, a Dynamic Content Element a day keeps the static web sites away :-)  Here’s another I just did today: Referrer-Search. Once again I find myself in personalization mode. This idea is old. In fact I remember a former company... [ Read full article ]

29 July 2009  0 Comments

Search made easy

by: RockViggo

EasySearch is a full text search engine for EPiServer CMS that is driven by events. This means that there is no need for crawling the website and content that you publish will be available immediately. In addition to regular EPiServer content serv... [ Read full article ]

22 May 2009  4 Comments

Automatically ping Google and MSN when your site is updated

by: Joel Abrahamsson

An XML sitemap is a great way to help crawlers such as Google, MSN Search, Yahoo and to crawl your site and also allow you to tell them how important pages on your site are relative to each other. Luckily there is a great module for creati... [ Read full article ]

22 March 2009  8 Comments

Search Engine Sitemaps

by: Jacob Khan

Another module has been added to our Open Source initiative. Search Engine Sitemaps is the old EPiGoogleSitemaps but now you can make your own changes that fits your needs. The project can be found on epicode . This module makes it easy for search... [ Read full article ]

30 January 2009  25 Comments

Customize the search experience with Search Server 2008

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

I recently posted an article on how to use Search Server 2008 for local searches on a website or intranet . In this post I’ll focus on the search query XML schema used by Search Server 2008 and how to customize search queries by specifying what... [ Read full article ]

23 January 2009  3 Comments

Customize the search experience with Search Server 2008

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

The Search Server XML query schema The XML used to submit queries to Search Server 2008 is actually quite easy to use. There are a number of different parameters you can specify, but most of them are optional and can be left out. Approaches for... [ Read full article ]

22 January 2009  0 Comments

Using EPiServer and Microsoft Search Server 2008

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

If you're interested in EPiServer and Microsoft Search Server you may also want to have a look at the post  Customize the search experience with Search Server 2008 . Introduction Microsoft Search Server 2008 is a stand-alone search server built up... [ Read full article ]

20 January 2009  19 Comments

Using EPiServer and Microsoft Search Server 2008

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

Introduction Microsoft Search Server 2008 is a stand-alone search server built upon the search technology originally developed for Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server , or MOSS for short. However, with the release of Search Server 2008, and its fre... [ Read full article ]

20 January 2009  0 Comments

New module on EPiCode - QuickSearchExtender

by: Fredrik Karlsson

I have just added a new module on EPiCode, QuickSearchExtender. It allows you to extend EPiServer's quicksearch in the edit mode so you will get a menu to choose from on all the pages with a pagename that starts with your searchstring.   As you ca... [ Read full article ]

27 September 2008  2 Comments

Problems with SearchDataSource and EnableVisibleInMenu

by: Tore Gjerdrum

Some days ago I had a problem with getting the SearchDataSource to return hits in documents stored in UnifiedFileSystem. The Search template that is delivered with EPiServer CMS 5.1 works fine. But I made a little change to the default template. I... [ Read full article ]

11 September 2008  2 Comments

Pimp up your search II

by: Allan Thræn

A common wish for people owning a web site search engine is to be able to directly influence the ranking - like boosting a certain page for some specific keywords. The built-in search in EPiServer CMS is very plain an d simple and doesn't seem to... [ Read full article ]

26 August 2008  4 Comments

Pimp up your search I

by: Allan Thræn

Let's face it, the EPiServer CMS built-in search isn't the best in the world. Neither is it intended to be - there are a lot of 3rd party search engines available for EPiServer that are great at what they are doing - and in general I highly... [ Read full article ]

21 July 2008  8 Comments

Search by language branch in EPiServer

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

This post is a complement to my previous post about searching pages with EPiServer . I have gotten a few questions about how to limit a page search to include pages from a specific language branch. Since this is truly a basic requirement when... [ Read full article ]

02 March 2008  5 Comments

Search for EPiServer pages based on properties

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

This post aims to clearly illustrate a way of searching for EPiServer pages based on property values. By specifying search criteria and a place to start the search you'll get a PageDataCollection containing all matching pages. The concept The... [ Read full article ]

26 February 2008  12 Comments



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