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SecurityDescriptor for access rights checking

by: Enes Bajramovic

As Steve points out in his article "Breaking Change in R2 Might Affect Security" there has been some changes on the security control when it comes to fetching a single page. He also gives a simple solution to that problem: " From now on, you need ... [ Read full article ]

16 October 2008  2 Comments

Breaking Change in R2 Might Affect Security

by: Steve Celius

In EPiServer CMS 5 R2 there is a change in the GetPage() functionality which is marked as a breaking change . The change concerns security, specifically how security is checked when you call DataFactory.GetPage() . Up to now, which means all... [ Read full article ]

15 October 2008  8 Comments

Run a scheduled job as a specific EPiServer user

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

As noted in my post about how to Create a custom scheduled job in EPiServer all scheduled runs will execute as an anonymous user whereas jobs that are executed manually are run as the current EPiServer user. How to log on programmatically as a... [ Read full article ]

18 August 2008  3 Comments

Multiplexing Provider and Security

by: Steve Celius

The Multiplexing providers in EPiServer CMS 5 allows several role and membership providers to be chained together, thus attempting to authenticate and authorize users against different providers. This is very powerful, allowing users from differen... [ Read full article ]

11 January 2008  1 Comments



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