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When a UI needs a cheat sheet

by: Fredrik Tjärnberg

Being the janitor of our source code repository (Team Foundation Server 2008), I run into the conflict resolution dialog quite frequently. When resolving one item at a time you will be presented with the options to Merge changes for me Merge chang... [ Read full article ]

17 February 2009  1 Comments

Performance lab at EPiServer

by: Per Bjurström

Since I write about performance testing I should give you some idea on how we do performance tests on the dev department. We run all our load testing using Visual Studio Team System 2008 : Visual Studio Team System Load Agent . Applies the load to... [ Read full article ]

11 September 2008  3 Comments

Finally a Task Board from Conchango

by: Per Bjurström

Just read this story (via Mathias O ): Task Board for Team System is an interactive desktop utility that interfaces with Team Foundation Server projects created from version 2 of the Scrum for Team System process template. It enables you and your... [ Read full article ]

30 July 2008  2 Comments

Integrated authentication in Firefox

by: Per Bjurström

Using Firefox 3 with Scrum Dashboard and Team System Web Access is not a pleasant experience because Integrated Authentication is by default disabled resulting in login dialogs every time you fire up a new browser. You could use the IE Tab plug-in... [ Read full article ]

01 July 2008  0 Comments

Scrum for Team System 2.1

by: Per Bjurström

So, only two weeks after RTM a 2.1 shows up of Scrum for Team System , and not a word on the bugs they fixed - just som generic description . I really would like to see more transparancy from Conchango, and hoping that they dogfood their own... [ Read full article ]

17 March 2008  0 Comments

Scrum for Team System v2 RTM

by: Per Bjurström

I was kind of surprised to find that SFTS RTM:d today, I was expecting a release candidate but I guess their role model in life is the Visul Studio team which never seems to make release candidates. Tested the RTM on my VPC and then on the... [ Read full article ]

28 February 2008  0 Comments

Scrum for Team System v2

by: Per Bjurström

Scrum for Team System is a free Agile Software Development Methodology add-in for Visual Studio Team System , developed by Conchango , in collaboration with Ken Schwaber and the Microsoft Technology Centre UK . The new version Scrum for Team Syste... [ Read full article ]

08 January 2008  0 Comments

Labels and branches in Team Foundation Server

by: Peter Hultgren (Sogeti)

(This post comes with a TLDR warning) In one project, we’ve just moved from Visual Source Safe (VSS) to Team Foundation Server (TFS) and its source control. The most confusing thing to me so far has been the difference in how labels behave. Wherea... [ Read full article ]

05 December 2007  1 Comments

TFS Connection String Parser

by: Per Bjurström

When you are builing applications that integrates with Team Foundation Server you need to store information on how to connect to the server in you application configuration. The quick and dirty approach would be to store multiple key/value pairs i... [ Read full article ]

28 November 2007  1 Comments



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