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Unit test an EPiServer 6 website using Visual Studio 2010 and MSTest

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

When unit testing it can be tricky being dependent on a web context. In this post we'll look at how to start EPiServer and run it outside of a web application to make unit testing easier. [ Read full article ]

09 August 2010  0 Comments

Codemania: Run EPiServer CMS in the Console

by: Allan Thræn

Back in the happy and fun filled days of EPiServer Day 2009, I was so privileged that I got to give a 1-hour talk entitled “ Codemania ” together with Mr. EPiServer himself, chief architect Magnus Stråle . At that day, most of my efforts to impres... [ Read full article ]

03 August 2009  6 Comments

Content Generator on EPiCode

by: Per Bjurström

Just as I promised “sometimes after the summer vacation” here is the Content Generator available with source code on EPiCode ;-) Content Generator is used for generating dummy data in EPiServer CMS 5 for testing purposes, for example large... [ Read full article ]

08 January 2009  0 Comments

R2 and unit testing

by: Cristian Libardo

I've been exploring the unit testing story in the latest EPiServer release and so far I've been pleasantly surprised. R2 brings some improvements in this respect. Most of the time I can execute my tests without chatting with the database or faking... [ Read full article ]

16 October 2008  2 Comments

Windows Hotfixes and Patches Enumerator

by: Lakshminarasimha Manjunatha Mohan

Below is a simple VBScript developed using Windows WMI that can be executed from Windows Script Host to enumerate the installed hotfixes, patches and security updates on any given machine. You might be wondering what for this script is useful. Whi... [ Read full article ]

29 February 2008  3 Comments

IE popup window disappears while QTP Script Execution!!

by: Lakshminarasimha Manjunatha Mohan

A strange problem of Mercury QuickTest Pro 9.2 with Internet Explorer 7.0 is discussed with solution. Problem: While executing scripts in IE 7.0 if another browser is opened by the script as a result of an operation or test step, the pop up window... [ Read full article ]

05 January 2008  29 Comments



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