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Configuring cache expiration on IIS 7

by: Per Bjurström

As you may be aware of we used something called wildcard mappings on IIS 6 to be able to trap all requests inside EPiServer CMS, that also meant that we took care of delivery of static files even outside the VPP-folders. So, for example the... [ Read full article ]

13 March 2009  0 Comments

How to install EPiServer from the EPiServer Manager on Windows Server 2008

by: Enes Bajramovic

Update - 16/10/2008: this article was written in march when EPiServer did not support IIS7 which means Vista and Windows Server 2008. For all of you insterested to install EPiServer on you Vista or Windows Server 2008 machines I strongly reccomend... [ Read full article ]

05 March 2008  6 Comments

Windows Server 2008 SP1 already?

by: Per Bjurström

I've been installing Windows Server 2008 on our test servers and I noticed that when you click on properties on 'My Computer' it says 'Windows Server 2008 SP1'. Paul found out why there never will be a SP1 for Windows Server 2008, or why there... [ Read full article ]

19 February 2008  0 Comments

Windows Server 2008 RC1 available on MSDN

by: Per Bjurström

Just go to MSDN Subscriber Downloads and fetch RC1, if you don't have a MSDN account you will have to wait another week for this release. If you're an EPiServer employee you find it at P:\Microsoft Windows 2008\RC1. Also, RC1 of Windows Vista SP1... [ Read full article ]

06 December 2007  0 Comments



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