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The latest news from .Net world (September 2009)

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

On the very last meeting of Poznan .Net User Group I had a great pleasure to give 15 minutes talk about the latest news from .Net world. Picking the most interesting news isn't a trivial task. In the end I've decided to mention about following thr... [ Read full article ]

26 September 2009  0 Comments


Coding buddy - Interesting approach to Code Review

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

How often do you ask your peers to review your code? If not very often then here is an idea for you - find a coding buddy! The buddy system can be implemented in 2 simple steps. But firstly, here is the idea behind the buddy system:Individuals can... [ Read full article ]

01 March 2009  0 Comments

One Blog - One Major Topic

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

What makes any blog popular and successful? High quality posts, interesting comments, frequent updates ... those are obvious qualities which finally, with time, will pay off. But is it that enough to attract people to subscribe your blog? One good... [ Read full article ]

03 February 2009  0 Comments


The best IT blog of 2008

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

End of each year is a great moment for all sort of reviews, people tend to publish various different rankings like "The Best of ..." in all possible categories. This year I will add my 2 cents in a category which I find the most interesting: "The... [ Read full article ]

19 December 2008  0 Comments




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