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Use UpdatePanel inside an EPiServer custom property

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

In order to use ASP.NET AJAX inside an EPiServer custom property you have to have a ScriptManager present. Here's an example of how to add one programmatically. [ Read full article ]

06 August 2010  0 Comments

Loading and saving a custom property value with PropertyUserControlBase

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

The PropertyUserControlBase class in Template Foundation has been updated with two new events called PropertyLoad and PropertySave, making it easier to load and save the property value. [ Read full article ]

30 July 2010  0 Comments

Custom properties in EPiServer using user controls

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

EPiServer Template Foundation makes it a lot easier to create custom properties based on user controls. In this post we go through the steps needed to create a new custom property in EPiServer and use user controls for rendering the property in ed... [ Read full article ]

25 July 2010  0 Comments

Introduction to EPiServer properties

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

This post tries to clarify what an EPiServer property is and how it works, primarily to enable us to better develop custom properties for EPiServer websites. [ Read full article ]

25 July 2010  0 Comments



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