Blog entries posted during March 2008

Using LINQ and EPiServer

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

Just as a brief proof of concept I decided to use a LINQ statement to retrieve and sort a list of EPiServer pages. If you haven't yet come across LINQ I would recommend Scott Guthrie's post on using LINQ . LINQ can be used to query a number of... [ Read full article ]

10 March 2008  104 Comments

Modify and publish a page programmatically

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

Inspired by Marek's post on modifying existing pages I  decided to complement my post on programmatically publishing new pages with a post on how to modify and publish existing pages in EPiServer. 1. Why you can't modify a PageData object As Marek... [ Read full article ]

06 March 2008  5 Comments

Create and publish a page programmatically

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

This post explains in detail how to programmatically create a page in EPiServer CMS 5. It also shows how to publish a page through code, even when the current user lacks the necessary permissions. 1. Specify where to publish the page Start off by... [ Read full article ]

05 March 2008  10 Comments

Search by language branch in EPiServer

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

This post is a complement to my previous post about searching pages with EPiServer . I have gotten a few questions about how to limit a page search to include pages from a specific language branch. Since this is truly a basic requirement when... [ Read full article ]

02 March 2008  5 Comments

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